Are your parents strict?


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Parents discipline their children in different ways, so it is difficult to tell whether or not a mother or father should be considered "strict" if we don't know anything about their parenting techniques.

If you feel that you parents are especially strict on you, then below are a few tips on how you can deal with them calmly so that they will come to respect you as a responsible adult.

  • Think about what you did
If a strict punishment has been given to you after you have done something, then take a second and think about what you did before you react. Although it may seem difficult, think about it from your parents' point of view and think about whether it is such a big deal.

  • Know the limit
Not all punishing behavior from parents should just be accepted. If you have just been grounded or had a privilege taken away then that isn't so bad, but if gets to the point where there is physical or verbal abuse then it should be reported as soon as possible.

The first thing you should do is get some help by speaking to your school's guidance counselor. Everything will be treated as confidential from there and they will know who to speak to next.

  • Compromise.
If you feel like a particular punishment (such as privileges being taken away) is too harsh for what you have done, then speak to your parents about it, but make sure that you do so in a sensible and rational way. If you speak up responsibly, then they are more likely to respect you. Make sure that you are calm, allow everyone to have a turn and do not raise your voice. Losing your temper could worsen your punishment.
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