I have an 11 year old sister that swears a lot at home...I tell my parents but they dont do anything about it...What do I do?


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If you are having difficulty with your younger sister because of her swearing, this can be very frustrating and can leave you feeling like nobody ever listens to you. However, don't fear as here are some ways in which you can try and stop this from happening:

  • Talk to someone else that has influence with your parents
If you talk to someone like your grandparents, or an aunt or uncle, you may be able to get them to help you talk to your parents properly. If they hear it from another adult, as annoying as it may sound, they will be more likely to take them seriously. This may be because they might feel embarrassed about their parenting skills.

It is wrong for an eleven year old child to swear in the household, or anywhere else, for that matter. Perhaps if you keep stressing this to your parents, they may eventually start to see you have a point.

  • Get crafty
One sure fire way to make an impact on your quest to get your parent's attention over your sister's swearing is to get sneaky. Perhaps you could record her conversations with you and point out that she is swearing. If your parents are subjected to hearing this, it will be more poignant, meaning that they will be more affected by it than just hearing you tattling about it.

  • Talk to your sister
Make her feel like she is being a disappointment to you and the family by swearing and presenting you as an impolite household. If you can find a way of guilt-tripping your sister into stopping swearing so much, go for it. She needs to know that it isn't big or clever to swear and that she's only making herself sound common.
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Try convincing her that excessive swearing is a sign of a lack of vocabulary and communication skills, as well as a sign of ignorance. You may also wish to point out that, as one grows older and steps into the real world, this language is no longer acceptable. Furthermore, the longer one speaks in this way the more difficult it is to stop.
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I told my mom that I curse at school. She just told me that if I curse in front of her I will be in trouble. Nothing is wrong with cursing, well it is wrong, but its not like you killed someone. That is why your parents didn't do anything. Also, they probably did the same thing when they were little. Its not that big of a deal.
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Well its her parents that like hvae control over what she does really, not yours...if your parents let her swear, then thats their problem. Your stressing yourself over nothing really, she'll eventually mature=)
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Oh! I know what to do now wet her tooth brush with water just before she goes into brush her teeth and when she notices tell her since she talks like a sailor you figured you would just help her out by using her tootbrush to clean the toilet like they do in the navy and that is why it is all wet.dirty mouth use orbit gum to clean it up. Hahahahahahaha
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Lol haha that would be funny=)
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If my little sister sweared id slap her on the face! And with your sis you don't need to do anything , leave her too it , let he swear , just refuse to speak to her and when she asks why say "I refuse to speak to rude people" and then watch her face , don't tell her anything and share anything with her , tell her tht you don't tell things to immature people , and make her realise what she does isn't right , sure she is going to swear some day but at 11 I think its not appropriate , young kids swear thinking its really cool , they year 7 in our school , they swear a lot and us seniors laugh at them making them feel stupid , they expect us to like them , they want to impress the "big kids" but really they just hummiliate themself..
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Not snitch on her?
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I would put some dirt in her mouth so she knows what it sounds like when she is saying those words,then i bet she would instantly shut her yap. Hahahahahahahaha dirty mouth ?then hand her a pack of orbit gum to help clean it out. Hahahahahahaa.

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