What Are Some Common Causes Of Blood In Stool Of Toddlers?


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  • Speak to your doctor
First of all it is recommended that you return to your doctor and ask for more of an explanation. It is unfair of your doctor to give you so little information and leave you with the worry and uncertainty. Your doctor will be able to explain in more detail exactly what is wrong with your daughter and explain the procedure which will make her better. Every person is unique so any advice you are given across the Internet may be applicable to one person but may not be applicable to your daughter so it is best to speak to someone who understands your situation and has examined the patient.

It is likely that your doctor is waiting for test results before confirming what type of bacterial infection that your daughter has. In the meantime, try not to worry as this may worry your daughter too. If she appears to be happy and healthy and without any other symptoms, it is likely that some medication prescribed by your doctor will clear up the infection and she will return to normal.

  • What can cause blood in the stool?
Bloody stools are often caused by bacterial and viral infections in the intestinal track. Salmonella is something that can affect the intestinal tract but this often comes with other symptoms so it is unlikely that your daughter is suffering from this. Staph infection is another infection that enters to the intestinal tract and causes bloody stools.

Infections in the intestinal tract can become serious if they are left untreated as they can result in blood clotting and possibly even internal bleeding. Bacterial infections can cause flu like symptoms so if your daughter has any of the usual symptoms you should return to your doctor immediately.
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A common cause of blood in the stool of a toddler is a slight anal tear. It can also indicate some sort of infection. It can also indicate some sort of food allergies. Since the answer can be quite descriptive so I'm sending you a link which will definitely help you to understand the problem. God Bless!
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Blood in stool and a high fever

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