Blood In My Toddlers Stool, Can You Help?


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Please take him to see your family doctor if he keeps bleeding right away...even though it is small traces...there is BLOOD in his stool...and this could be serious...he should be seen by a doctor...don't wait till it gets worse and go see a doctor in a clinic....Joy
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It doesn't matter if it is a lot or a little, there should never be any there. Take the baby to the hospital right away! Hope this helps, good luck to you.
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Other people have said not to it can be a lot of different things and we just moved and we cant afford a hospital bill no fever no symptoms plus I don't trust new doctors
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Brian Reed answered
Take him to the doctor . You don't want to mess around with a case of bleeding in stool could be nothing or could be very serious . You don't want to gamble with your child's health.

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