I'm in love with a person who doesn't love me. He knows that. So How can I control myself? We are working in the same place and because of certain circumstances I can't leave this job. So what can I do? How can i control myself?


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Seeing the person you like all the time is a really hard way to forget about him. I've been through it and it sucks. To an extent, it's almost torturous.

So while you're in work, avoid him as much as you can. You don't have to be cold towards him, but just try not to be around him. And don't make too much of an effort at it. Just make it a casual thing. Associate yourself with other coworkers and busy yourself with work.

When you're out of work, do something fun and enjoyable that will keep you busy. Hang out with friends, knit, run, do yoga, or whatever you like to do! Do something that would keep your mind off of him.

If none of these work, you can always make a list of all the things you don't like about the guy, starting with the fact that he doesn't like you back (even though that's not really his fault, it gives you a start). I do this when I just cannot get over someone and I'm on the verge of going insane. And don't hold yourself! No one is going to know all the bad things you think about him so be honest with yourself and let it out. You'll realize that there are probably a lot more things you don't like about him than you've realized. Be sure to contemplate a lot on those undesirable traits. Exaggerate them in your mind and think of how awful they are. I know it's not always a good idea to judge people harshly, but if it allows you to get over someone, it works. Just as long as you don't end up hating him, it's a good way to see that there are guys out there who will be better than him and that he probably wasn't all that perfect for you anyway.

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