Guys, I am in love with my best friend. I really want to confess. I really do, but I'm scared that if she doesn't feel the same it would ruin the friendship. And I can't afford to let that happen. What should I do?????


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Yin And Yang answered

Some of the best relationships stem from a friendship. 🤗

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Shannon Hayes answered

Go for it! Even if she doesn't love you romantically she will always love you as a friend & You will get over her

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carlos Striker answered

Tell her about it.

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Tom Jackson answered

You might say something like: "Hey, I'm falling in love with you---is that OK?"

That (or something similar) will give her some wiggle room if she had no idea about it or doesn't feel the same way.

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Darren Wolfgang answered

I think it's best to be Best Friends than gradually take things to a higher level . Some Best relationships came out of being a Best Friend. Never tell yourself it can't happen cause it can. Don't come on to her pushy, lets things go slow, ask her to go places with you . Most of all Ask in Jesus Name to Let something great to come out of this for you. If you Shall Ask in His Name You Shall Be Rewarded !!! WWJD

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Like this :

"______ ( insert name ),

I really want to confess something but I'm afraid that if I do it might ruin our friendship. I really don't want to lose our friendship but I need to tell you that I love you."

And if that person, drops you because of that then they aren't worth having in your life.

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