I feel like I'm all alone, kind of abandoned. Anyone know why? My friends did something that really upset me so I'm not talking to them, my mom's sick, and stuff happens at home. I feel alone.


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Rooster Cogburn , Rooster Cogburn, answered

I have to agree with Tyto on this one Autumn! All of us have been through these types of things in our early years. I still feel like that a lot at my present age. You're not alone young lady. You have many friends here that wouldn't do a thing to upset you. Maybe you should take a hard look at your friends and maybe get some new ones. Give your Mom all your love and she will feel it and you'll feel better. I'm alone 90% of the time and it takes getting used too. But feeling alone will go away in time by thinking happy thoughts about yourself and family. Most friends are over-rated anyway. Think family first. Hang in there kiddo. You can do it !  SMILE! It's good for you!

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