If you could tell your 21 year old self one thing, what would it be and why?


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Buy IBM stock.

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Megan goodgirl answered

Don't let temptation get to ya.

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I'd be speaking to the future me because I have one more year until I'm 21 and I don't know what to tell myself.

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Jann Nikka
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I'm telling you, get a college degree, used excellent birth control, take very good care of your health, save money, but yourself first, practice telling the truth, don't do drugs, stay away from people who are practicing unethical behavior and habits, don't loan money, don't co-sign for anything for anyone including your mom or dad, you need only 2 credit cards ea $2500, learn to be a semi-vegan. Stop and enjoy many flowers.⚘⚘⚘⚘⚘⚘⚘
Dance like a gypsy
Thank you Jan. I'm starting college in the fall to get my master's degree in psychology. And I'm not a big meat eater as it is so I'll be alright
Jann Nikka
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Super 😄
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Pick your battles and don't sweat the small stuff 😊

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Levi F. answered

Sorry about the liver--lay off the gin a bit, even though I know it'll be tempting once you're drinking it legally.

(I'll be 21 this September).

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Too many .. there's not just one ...

Pick your battles, don't sweat the small stuff, dont underestimate the power of positive thinking, dont be impatient, think before you act or judge, focus on finding balance.

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You are smarter and stronger than you give yourself credit for. Move on from the mediocre and chase your dreams, because you are worth it.

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Dear Arch Bishop,

To tell my 21-year-old self one thing ( and that is 50 years ago now)...

Just trust, and have fun...it's all going to turn out better than you could ever hope.

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Don't take the shot.

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Virginia Lou
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Dear Ancient One...I am not understanding? What shot not to take, if you would not mind to explain a bit?
Ancient One
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It was a decision I made while in a combat situation. A wrong decision.

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