Which Teenage Life Is Harder? Boys Or Girls And Why?


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Sadly, everyone seems to be saying its girls, but why? Do we have proof? No. Have you ever been in someones elses body`? Probaly, No. TRu, girls go through more then boys, but why does that matter? At the end of the day, it is probably more  a boy that would be teased be  being uncool, not having a gf, stuff like that. well, me, I'm differnet. I understand Diffenret sexes, so well, even tho I'm a girl. I'm the kind of person that would realise if someone wwas lying or was sad and wasnt saying so. And I wold say we are "Together, for once more then true, the same."
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I say girls  and boys since we get depressed easily and yes I know some boys get depressed too, but  us girls need to deal with our periods and we get moody and cramps and we are in a bad mood. Some boys can be violent of course and have anger problems so they throw a tantrum. But mostly boys cause violence while girls just use verbal abuse toward other girls.
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Girls...boys wouldn't   know what to do if they had periods lol
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For a teenage boy, it's the hardest.

For a teenage girl, it's the hardest too.

So that time is the problem, for anyone who goes through it, regardless of a boy or a girl.

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Prob gurls because we go thro a lot as a teen puberty, boys, zits, skool, drama, nd so much mo
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Girls for sure. Have two sisters and they always had problems during those years While my brother and me had none. Cheers friend
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Honestly   I think   its    50/50 ,   I feel   bad   for   teenagers   cause
Some   are   born   to   parents   who   do not care   what   they do
And   that   is   so   sad..In your   teen years   you need   more   care and
Love   from   parents   than for   them   just   to   put   you   to the side or
Pretend   that   your   not   there,   If   God   gave me kids
I would   want   to listen when they have   something   to   say
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Girls they get to do and suffer more stuff boy don`t have to go through most!!   I want to be a boy now lol because they are life is much easier
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I say both too because boys and girls have different situations and they are very complicated in there own way
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Both teenage boy and girls face challenges in every day life--some which are harder than others. But in the end, it metes out about the same for both.

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