Girls And Puberty-Why Do Females Often Complain That They Wish They Were Boys?


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Because you guys don't have to worry about periods or whether the boy likes you or not or the way you look and important stuff like that. You guys have so many advantages. This question was answered by a girl. No fear.
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We may not have to worry about periods, but to say we do not have to worry about whether someone we are attracted to likes us or not is silly. In fact, we are at a serious disadvantage where that aspect is concerned. Who is it that is expected to stick their neck out on the chopping block, and risk rejection? Who generally is expected to ask whom for a date? Or for a dance? Who is expected to make the "first move" at each step in the relationship.. with the possibility of being shut down at any time? The GUYS are. Girls can simply sit in a bar and look even half-way pretty (and the later in the evening it is, the less important that "pretty" issue becomes).

Guys have to struggle, getting up the nerve to ask a girl out, risking embarrassment and rejection. We go out chasing girls, and most guys will end up going home alone. If I were a woman, and even average in looks... I could narrow it down to half a dozen guys to pick up, and leave with a guy within 15 minutes.

Where pursuit of the opposite sex is concerned.. women have the advantages, hands-down.
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Oh, ho ho, don't be too sure of that Bill. In fact, if you believe that you aren't seeing things the way they are. Males and females have advantages over the other, it is true, but believe me, all of my attractive friends have gone home lonely MANY times when that was not their hope. If you were a woman and narrowed down your choices in 15 minutes, I'd hate to see who you went home with! Good lord, going out is not about not going home alone.
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Yeah dude it's totally normal that you're interested. You're just one of the few braver ones who spoke up. Most guys are too scared at what they think others will think of them so they don't ever find out until they're married or something :)
 But yeah, periods are very upsetting if I do say so myself seeing how I am one of those who do have to deal with them every month. No it ain't always a walk in the park, but you do get used to it. And yeah some girls have it so bad they have to take birth control to help regulate it and keep it less severe. Man cramps feel like you're having a baby or something like that! In a way you sort of are. Anyway now that I have rambled enough. Hope that sort of answers your question :) 
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Look i uderstand you have to make a few things to make a gud relationship but we are the ones that let u know how to treat us we do this with our body language
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Looks to me like you answered your own question.  You ask why girls complain and want to be more like boys, in certain respects... Then in your explanation, you give the answer to that very question.  It is because boys do not have to use all the feminine hygiene products and all the other various hassles that goes along with being a woman.
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True. But we would never have started this competition if it wasn't for our underlying need to be loved by men. Especially the ones we love.That's also why women can't understand why men dump them for uglier girls.... because they are prettier underneath. I don't think it's right, and I really opened something I'll regret. But underneath everything, we want to be sexy, feel sexy and we want men to want and notice us. A lot of women spend a lot of money and time and pain for this. But it is the truth. And then we resent the fact that we "have" to do it all. Maybe if sex or sexy wasn't such an important thing to most men they wouldn't have this issue, but unfortunately we all do. As much as I hate to admit it.
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I think there may be some merit to what you say, but how do you explain it when 13 yr old girls are behaving in that way? For the men they love? Or more from peer pressure? Who puts it in their heads to begin with that boys will be attracted by this or that? Boys, or other girls? Considering that you yourself note how stunned women are when guys leave them for lesser beauties, I think that the illusion is in your own minds, and passed from one female to the next. Males could not really care less, for the most part. At the age in which females are developing the habits, and beginning the competition.... the boys are barely aware of such things, and girls could be wearing sack-cloth for all they care.
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Male can't raped.they don't have any fear.they are stronger then women,after marriage they don't have to leave their houses but girls do.girls have to bring dowry.they have to bear childbirth pain.and brought up kids...have to listen every1....all hard things are for women.thats y they don't wana women
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Blood flowing out of your vagina evry month. Isn't that enough. The pain of childbirth, raising those children, boobs, and sassy "friends." Period cramps, having to shave just about all the hair off your body, keeping the hair on your head long and  Beautiful, having designer outfits, weight, makeup, friends, mood swings, cravings, dieting, looking cute for boys. This is just a small list of our problems.

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This is no knock against males, but never having to deal with menstruation, men have absolutely no idea what it's like each month.  Many women suffer severe hormonal changes which affect their emotional behavior and cause mild to severe physical discomfort.  Imagine having to go through it for forty years.  Women learn to live with it, but it can be quite unpleasant for some. 

I don't see anything unusual about your curiosity.  I'm sure all guys are curious about what girls go through.  I don't see that what you are has anything to do with puberty.  As a male, even a gay male, you experience the same changes as any other young man. 
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Pms, child birth, breaking a nail..I admit women have it harder but know little about getting a boner in science class and have to write something on the chalkboard while pitching a tent.

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