Does Any One Know Anything About Girls' Puberty Emotional Changes And What Happens When U Go Thru Those Changes?


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Cyndal Guffy answered
Well of course your going through changes you are growing up. Girls who reach puberty have similar reactions like mood swings and physical changes. Some girls become mean and moody, while others don't feel anything at all.Don't worry, you will be moody for little while but it will pass as you grow.
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Tara answered
You are going through puberty pet
I'm a nurse and I'm also a school nurse, I deal with girls like you all the time
you'd need to carry some pads with you because you are probably taking your period hunny
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marie erskine answered
Don't worry it is normal to be going through what you are. When you chat to your friends tell them you are sorry for being moody and that you hope they will understand and that when they start to be moody too you will try to understand them. It is all part of growing up sweetheart. Good luck
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daphne ditton answered
Sweetie of course you are going through changes, you are a growing girl. So just wait and see and just keep some extra pads around the house.

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