What Is Puberty?


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Puberty is nothing but 'teenage years.' It is the period of adolescence in which an individual becomes physiologically developed to procreate. Puberty is the phase between childhood and adulthood.

On an average, the onset of puberty begins in the age of 8 for girls and two years later in the case of boys. The hypothalamus in the brains triggers hormonal changes that arouse the pituitary gland. The pituitary in turn, secretes hormones that stimulate the adrenal and gonad regions. These glands churn out a deluge of sex hormones- estrogen and progestin in the female, and testosterone and androgen in the male; that regulate the development and functioning of sex organs. Both sexes begin to sprout armpit hair, pubic hair and pimples. Males tend to develop masculine characteristics like muscular development, facial hair, deeper voice, pubic hair and genital development. Females begin to shed off their its lanky angular frame and attain a natural curvy figure. Besides, girls begin to ovulate regularly during puberty. Both the sexes tend to reach their full-height during their teens.
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Puberty is a stage in human physical development when it begins to be possible to have or to farther children. Puberty in girls is indicated by the development of breasts and menstrual periods begin as the womb relines itself every month. Hair grows under the arms and on the pubis, as with boys. But girls change more rapidly than boys.

The glands of the body are very active. This sometimes results in acne and spots of various kinds which disappears naturally at the end of this stage

In boys the most obvious sign of puberty is the breaking of the voice. The muscles develop, the penis grows and semen may e discharged.

Climate and race govern the age at which puberty is begun. Doctors in some countries report that puberty there is being reached earlier in life. But they have not agreed on a conclusive reason for this.

Better living standards and a greatly improved and more nourishing diet are believed to be the main reasons for earlier development. Normally a woman reaches her adulthood at the age of 17 and a man at the age of 19.
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During puberty your body grows and developes every day. When you are between 10and14 years old, you start to grow much faster. You outgrow your clothes within a short period of time.this period of rapid growth and change is known as puberty. During this period of growth, many changes take place in your body. You are growing towards the stage of adolescence.
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Puberty is a stage inhuman being where all the and mental behavior develop and in girl puberty when she start menses
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Puberty is were you start too turn into a man or women girls grow hair on legs armpits and privet areas as for guys you grow hair every were. Boys will start having crushes on girls and girls will be interested in guys.
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Puberty is a time in between adulthood and childhood where your body goes through a lo of changes
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Puberty is what everybody go throug when they hit that age and become mature adults

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