How should a teenage girl behave or carry out herself when in a big crowd of other teenagers who include both girls and boys?


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Yes. Be yourself. You will find that if you mingle and converse with individuals in the group as your own person, with your own ideas you will be liked for who you are.

The wonderful thing about being liked for who you are is that you never have to remember who you were pretending to be. You will find your friendships to be true and real. Easy to maintain because you are not consuming your mind being fake.

You will find that the people that like you, do things you like for you
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Don't try and be something you not and be yourself and be confident. Also for the comment^ I am like that but I just try to be confident and just go for it trust me it works because I'm not really like that any more only sometime ...(if theres a really hot boy :P)
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The girl should be dressed properly and stylishly. She should behave polite and cheerful.She should not strut too much but strut in a way that shows that she sis special.
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medalian gal mwas
Thank you very much i have a question maybe you can help me out i tend to be scared at times to walk somewhere where there boys or attend a concert with boys i would really like to stop this behaviour immediatly what shld i do?
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I have the same problem!! But, I heard a quote on a movie that said you are only as awesome as you think you are. Be confident and be proud. I try to do this and it makes my self esteem boost instantly:)

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