What Are Some Games For A Teen Girl's Slumber Party?


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Slumber parties can be great fun. They are a good chance to spend the night eating lots of tasty (but slightly-unhealthy) food, gossiping, giggling and making a mess. To make the night even more interesting, you may want to play some fun games.

Here's a list of slumber party games I can recommend:

The best slumber party games in the world Blind Makeover- The makeover is a classic sleepover pastime. It usually involves collecting as much make-up and glitter as you possibly can, and plastering each other's faces with it. Whilst this might seem like a fun way to spend time with your best friends, I'd suggest you take it to the next level by introducing a blindfold. Smearing your mom's £15 Illamasqua lipstick on your best friend becomes a lot more fun when you can't see what you are doing.

Blair Witch Hide and Seek- This version of hide and seek involves getting your friends to hide, and then turning off all the lights in the whole house. You then use your cell phone to light your search for them. Getting the people hiding to wear Halloween masks is optional.

Truth or Dare- You can't have a sleepover without a good game of Truth or Dare. This is also a great way to get to know more about your friends, or to at least see them carry out funny dares as a forfeit.

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Well it all depends on her age. I'm fourteen and, when all of my friends get together, we play video games, card games, a game called truth or would you rather.

It's a game that we made up, I guess. Instead of dare, we would say "would you rather?" Then we would ask, "would you rather do this or that?"

It's really fun with me and my friends. We also play the old games like we did a long time ago, like Twister.
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Well... Me and my friends like to play Dare. It's like Truth or Dare but just dares!
It's a lot of fun, andd as you go you just keep getting harder and harder!!
Or we play Would You Rather like the last girl said!

I am 13 and me and my friends like to play Fear Factor too! Mix foods and drinks and the person who's going to eat or drink it can't look! So, sometimes it gets really gross!!
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You can play Piggly Wiggley Woo which is when you would have someone count to twenty in a different room from everyone else ... While all the other people are trading sleeping bags. When the person who is It pokes you , you must say "piggly wiggley woo" in the weirdest and most unknown voice you can. It is a really fun game for sleepovers!
You can also play Honey I Love You. Look it up - it is really funny.

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