Can A 16 Teen Date A 13 Teen Year Girl?


6 Answers

Arun  kumar Profile
Arun kumar answered
Yes, but if the 13 yer teen alow.
Anonymous Profile
Anonymous answered
Well I suppose it's ok but older boys can pressure you into stuff and your worlds are so diff right now and not to mention when he's 18 you'll only be 15 so it's evident you'll eventualy brake up.
maddi gillford Profile
maddi gillford answered
No it's a new law
anonymus man Profile
anonymus man answered

If you want to date then whatever. I've got a friend who's dating an 18 year old. So sure you can date her

shay or shanequa rock Profile
Yes but its kinda gross 3 years older is okay but know this if you turn 18 you can't date someone younger thats considered rape!!!!!!

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