Is It Okay For A Junior To Date A Freshman When They Are Exactly One Year Apart In Age?


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No, it doesn't seem odd to me. You see relationships like that around all of the time.
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It is totally okay to go out with a freshmen and your a junior and you guys are one year apart in age. Ever heard of "age ain't nothing but a number"? It's true! It really is. If you like this freshmen then that is ALL that matters. Don't let your friends or anybody else tell you otherwise. Follow your heart and you'll be straight. I went out with a seventh grader when I was a freshmen. I really liked him so I gave it a shot. Trust, I got a lot of complaints but it didn't matter because we were one year apart in age. Good luck though!
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I was a Junior and dated a freshman nothing wrong with it... It can be awkward for some, but no big deal if you really like them.

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