When is it okay to start cuddling? We've gone on two dates and for the third he's coming over to watch a movie and he suggested cuddling... Does that sound normal/okay?


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That depends on your age and maturity level.

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Graduate High School then cuddle, with good reliable birth control.

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Or we could just be responsible lol
Jann Nikka
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True, but it's very very hard to just stop at cuddling once you get started. I'm happy for you 👫, but I would wait 3 months to start cuddling.
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Seriously ... Unless by "cuddling" you mean holding hands, or possibly his arm around you ... It's 90% unlikely you will stop at "cuddling".  And the only way you are "mature enough" to handle the responsibilities risked by going further, is if you have a "family wage" job.

Birth control is not guaranteed.

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I'm not sure if cuddling is cuddling or something else, so before your decision, and for your own protection let me present you "both" with the following......

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If u r ok with it and If it gives u good feelings, Its completely normal. Go for it.

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