Okay so this guy asked for my Kik and I gave it to him and we've been flirting but he stopped replying to my texts 2 days ago and we're supposed to be going to the movies on Friday. So did he change his mind?


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Only way to know really is to ask him yourself. Maybe don't ask it in a way that makes it seem like you're worried or whatever.. Something like "hey are we still on for Friday?" Or "what movie are we watching Friday?"or even suggest which movie you'd like to watch.. If he still doesn't reply, something might be up.

You can't assume it's that he's not interested straight away: He could have no credit on his phone or maybe he's been arrested?

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Anastasia Mrs
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well hes not out of credit on his phone because it says hes been on kik. and were both in high school so i know he wasn't arrested lmao. Like he was staring at me a lot today but he hasn't talked to me since Saturday night
Akiea Hernandez
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one thing for sure is if he does not reply back don't keep txting him the he will get irritated and think your too clingy and are trying to tie him down and guys hate to think their tied down
Yo Kass
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Yeah I agree with Akiea, don't be too persistent, but at the same time you deserve to know what's going on... I would just straight up ask him, but try not to make it sound like a big deal.

Yeah the getting arrested thing might be unrealistic, but my point is there could be a million different reasons: maybe he's shy, maybe he's dating someone else, maybe he can't go out that night but is afraid to tell you.... No point getting too worried possible reasons at this point as you can't tell for sure though.

The staring thing sounds weird though! Maybe he was just checking you out??

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