I liked a guy, we were flirting on the Internet. We walked back to house. I ask for a piggyback, he carries me 20min on his back. We were cuddling. Idk if he is just flirting. We were up till 6am chatting. He spoons me. Ya think that this is hardcore flirting or that he has feelings?


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He at least has a physical attraction to you ... As to whether he wants an actual relationship or not, we can't say.

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If you want to develop an actual friendship with this person, you guys should learn to keep your hands to yourselves. Otherwise, it's going to be all about the physical and nothing else.

I'm not sure what the point is to go physical right off the bat, but it can be a relationship killer if the other person involved doesn't have any other wish except to get your clothes off.

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Danae Hitch
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I don't know about guys since I'm not one, but most girls feel used when it's only physical and there's nothing else shared. However, if you start off being physical and then change the rules, sometimes that doesn't go well with the guys. My vote - always start with a friendship.

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