Why is it hard to get a girlfriend?


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Yo Kass answered

People have varying success finding girlfriends, and to be honest, the factors are so wide that I probably couldn't list them all on here even if I tried.

Things like self-confidence, good looks and charm are important if you're looking for a girlfriend, but equally important are social opportunities, culture, and the number of single women in your area.

Although it might sound cheesy, the best advice is really to be yourself, meet as many people as you can, and eventually you will strike it off with the right person.

To improve your chances of meeting the right girl, you could join a club or attend a regular meet-up. You might even want to try online dating, speed dating, or asking friends to introduce you to eligible females in your area.

From there, you'll need to master the art of wooing and courting, which can be a bit of a trial and error process.

Every girl is different, so it's hard to give general advice that will work every time, but from a biological point of view, women are likely to feel attracted to men that exhibit the following characteristics:

  • Self assurance
  • Bravery
  • Courage
  • Wisdom
  • The ability to provide
  • Fertility

Hope this helps!

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Natie Shoud answered

I wouldn't say so. It's hard to get the right girl, but getting into a good-for-nothing sort of relationship is quite easy! If you can't find someone among your aquaintances, then try elsewhere. For example, since I'm an introvert and don't always get on with people, I use social networks and skype chat and even web sites for passionate language learners to communicate and meet people. 

I'm currently dating with a guy I met on a kind of matchmaking service. I'm not a geek, he neither, and I know that my approach may not work for everyone, but who knows. If you choose to try, read a few articles on what to expect from online dating so that you don't get into trouble

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