Is It Bad To Wear Two Bras At The Same Time?


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Of course not! Depending on why you need to though. If you have a large bust and are involved in a lot of physical activity(running, dancing, sports) and you don't have a sports bra then sometimes two bras do the trick, but wearing two doesnt make you look bigger, if anything they would make you look smaller.
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I wear 2 push-up bras at the same time and it makes me look bigger......I am 14 and I am a 34b which I think is kinda small so I use to bras to give me that extra lift  and its working
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No because some of us need a little push every now and then and your boobs look fine so don't worry bout it
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Unless your about to explode, what would you want to wear 2 bras at once for? I wouldn't think it would hurt anything but I would think it would be most uncomfortable.
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I wear two bra's, but thats to make my boobs look smaller. I heard that wearing two bras make them look smaller (sports bras)
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Well it might make them look slightly bigger, but it would be embarrassing if someone saw 2 straps :S
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One bra should do the trick. Be sure to get a proper fitting, so that you are wearing the right size bra. If you'd like to look bigger, you can get push up bras, or pads to insert, etc. Walk in to a Victoria Secret or Nordstroms and just browse, any Sales person can help and fit you. Wachol is an awesome brand, but expensive.
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I would have to ask the question here. Why would you want to wear more than one bra?
If it is to make you look larger, there are much better ways to do this.
I don't have the need as I am a male but have heard from many of my female friends that bras are very uncomfortable and constricting.
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sorry i cant help, i have never worn a bra except for about 2 hours when i was 13, i decided the "hang loose" option is much better than being trussed up
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Better to get a bra that fits properly in the first place. I have heard that some 80% of women are not wearing the proper size as it is. If you are well developed, try bravissimo. Your best bet is getting a professional fitting. You can get them for free and keep your shirt on. No downside. If you are wearing two because you need better support, just go buy a better bra!

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