What do you like about yourself? Hate about yourself?


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What do I like about myself?
My age. I'll be 80 in a few months. I don't have to go to work any more. I am free to spend my time doing anything I want. I have many happy memories to recall. I have wonderful little dog called Zoe who will be 17 in January. And I share my life with a woman who has been my soul mate for almost 60 years and who has brought a constant stream of laughter into my life.

What do I hate about myself?
My age. I'll be 80 in a few months. I'm too old to get a job and have to live on a pension. My arthritis stops me doing most of the things I want. I know I have happy memories but can't bring them to mind. My little dog, Zoe, will be 17 in January but her health is fading and she might not reach Christmas. And the pretty girl I married in 1960 has been replaced by a great-grandmother whose laughter is still there but punctuated by creaks and groans ... but she still has more gold in her hair than grey.

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Yin And Yang
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Oh I am so sorry my friend! I mean it was the most hilarious thing I have ever read! I laughed so hard I peed my pants! LOLOLOLOL!
Didge Doo
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*sniffle, sniffle, sob...*
Yin And Yang
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Wait a minute.... I thought that would make you happy!!!?!??! Oh Yin needs to rest her brain! Her phone got stolen today! Pfffft!
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Interesting question.  Can't think of much I like about myself    I don't hate myself but I wouldn't say I like myself much. 

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Things I like are I am, or at least I try to be, a good person. Also I tend to look at things with a sense of humor.

Things I hate, nothing. There are things I don't like, but nothing I hate. I don't like I procrastinate. And I don't like my weight. Both I know with effort I can change.

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For me,I like that I'm a happy,cheerful person (most of the time!) and I'm friendly and try to make an effort with friends and family and am a lot more patient than I used to be.
What I dislike about myself is how I compare myself to others and I worry about things more than I should.

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