What quality do you have about yourself that you would find irritating in others?


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As a chess player I love to win. It's so good to see the look of consternation on my opponent's face when he knows that no matter what he does, no matter how he squirms, I've got him by the cajones and I'm gonna keep squeezing. I HATE seeing an opponent who feels the same way about me. >:-(

Rather comically, one year in the Australian Open my opponent was a Bulgarian woman. She was a pretty little thing, built like a refrigerator and with a face to match. Whenever I made a move she didn't like she hissed through her teeth. It was the chess equivalent to the Sharapova shriek.

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Dry sense of humor and sarcasm.

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My favorite jokes are those that pertain to my kingship of procrastination, however, when a co-worker or someone else procrastinates, it gets quite annoying. Good luck to you.

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