What Do You Think The Best Thing Is About Yourself?


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The best thing about myself may be that i can make everybody around me happy.
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Mike J
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Great answer ''guest''! :)
Mary Ann Cassidy
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Wow! You can move in with me any time!
Jane doe
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I like ur answer, but i envy you too, all i seem to be able to do to my freinds is make them bored...T.T
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My Beauty,Talents, Personality ,And Intelligence
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Be good to yourself.  Be happy.  Embrace life.
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The best thing about myself is that I am really easy to get along with.
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Over the years,  I have learned to control my temper and my tongue.  I can easily walk away from something or someone that angers me rather than getting into a big argument....except (I must admit) with "that" sister-in-law; she know the right buttons to push.
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The best thing about myself is my ability to transmute gold to lead.
Oh wait, I can't do that.

Um, the best thing about myself is my ability to tell stories about military screw-ups in Klingon.
Well, I can't do that either.

I think the very best thing about myself, the one I laud the very most, is that I don't constantly take myself seriously.
No wait, I really do take myself too seriously.  Constantly.

I know, I know - I breathe in a unique combination of opportunity, genius, failure, oxygen, and trace gases; but ... That isn't the best thing.

The very best thing about myself is locked in the hearts of those that love me.
And sometimes they tell me.
But mostly not.  So I dunno.
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The best thing about myself is i had the patience's to sit here for 15minutes trying to figure out how to answer this question.
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I can impress any girl. But I cannot impress a girl whom I love very much...
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Jane doe
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...i doubt you could ever impress me without doing something realllllllllllyyyyyy amazing, which is still hard to do...but i like ur answer, i seem to do something really stupid all of the time when i'm with the guy i like...
Jane doe
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I added you...
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That what you see is what you get...I'm myself
and I'm happy to be that way.  I don't pretend
to be anyone, but myself.  I don't feel like i have
to be anyone else and I don't feel like I have to be
different than I am to be this person's, or that
one's, friend.   And I don't feel like those who
want to be my friend should have to change
to suit me, either.  If they didn't suit in some
way or another, there wouldn't be any
reason to be friends,   Kind of like when you
get married...you marry them for who they
are, not who you can remake them into.
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I am very outgoing. I feel this helps me in my personal life as well as appliance sales. I have a person in my world who is negative and tries to drag me down (insecurities). I rise above it and know I am a good person and a Christian. I pray for this person and hope for the best. I am not saying anything to incriminate him/her.I know that "self hate" and anger issues drain you. I deflect this back to the person having this "issue" with me. Long story short, I am positive and feel that is a big part of being outgoing. ☺

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I Have A Great Dry Whacked Out Sense Of Humor I Can Relax People Make Them Laugh.. And I'm Very Compassionate . Just Ask That  Happy Couple Mr. Clean And Mrs. Dash And Their Son Dr. Pepper. And  Their Aunt Jemima HMM
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I am good with my family and barely ever fight with my younger brother. (We actually get along really well, He's 3 years younger)
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I guess the fact that i'm soo stubborn and will never end something without a fight...

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