What's the best thing to do to keep yourself from getting bored?


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''Sleep'' your never bored when your asleep. So sweet dreams.
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Listen to music or draw random pictures, you could surf the web or really do anything entertaining. Just watch a movie or something
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When I get stressed, I lock myself in my room (where it's quiet) and either read, go on my computer, or watch my lava lamp (it's very comforting for some odd reason). Also, on a stressful, rainy day, I walk outside in the rain and just talk to my self (it helps that no one wants to be outside in the rain), and even though you might get wet, it really (really) helps!
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1.do your make up
2.watch tv
3.play with pets if have any
7.prank call people
8.play outside in snow with no snow clothes sweats and no jacket long sleeve shirt
9.play games on play station
10.jam out to justin bieber!
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There are endless stuff to do online. Go out to some place fun or just stay home and chat 2 friends. Get creative! Make a scrapbook, take pictures...   Go out in the garden and enjoy yourself. Do anything you want. You're alone at home so it's the perfect time to kick back and cool off. Blast music, give yourself a makeover and have fun! Hope I helped:)
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  1. Chat with friends
  2. Answer questions on Blurtit
  3. Watch TV or a movie
  4. Create a random beat to dance to
  5. Walk, skateboard, or bike outside
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Electronics or not sleep, eat or cook. Entertain your self
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max loy answered
Read something interesting, watch YouTube videos, listen to music, play online games.
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Run around the house in your birthday suit singing jb songs while eating chocolate=)
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Get involved in extra curricular activities like participating in games, quiz competitions, story reading etc
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Got to cheap spa days and together enjoy the spa and massage services as well as their relaxing deals.
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Drew Washington answered
Read, write, think of goal you want to accomplish and steps on how to achieve them one by one. Be creative. Draw, sing, dance, do sit ups, run, go for a walk, talk on the phone, ask people here.
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Uhh you can go on your messenger and chat with your friends or answer questions on here
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You could use axe deodorant and a lighter/matches and make flame thrower but don't do near grass your house of anything flamable
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Can read something interesting or watch movies, listen to songs...

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Hannah Wms answered
1. Take a nap
2. Pretend your spiderman
3. Jam out to the High School Musical soundtrack
4. Watch the spanish channel and make up what you think they're saying (unless your fluent in spanish...then its no fun)
5. Bake a cake and burn down your house (just kidding don't play with fire kids)
6. Look up at the ceiling put your arms out and spin as fast as you can in circles for 30 seconds, then try to stay as still as possible (Its really hard!) repeat untill you vommit uncontrolably
7. Build a fort out of chairs and sheets. Hide from evil attacking ninjas
8. Go on youtube and find karaoke versions of your favorite songs and sing as loud and obnoxious as you can (do a little dance as well)
9. Cat cat watermelon (google it...BEST GAME EVER)
10. Make a list of things to do when you're bored (thanks for entertaining me!)

Have fun! Remember there's no such thing as boring situations, only boring people. You are welcome (:
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Walk around naked while singing Lady Gaga songs and performing all the dance moves! Just be SURE not to let your boyfriend see you because then he will faint and ask you to marry him when he wakes up, HaHa! 3 karats of my best friend & a lifetime of happiness for just being bored!
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When I am bored. I call a friend to come over. I cook something. I read a book. I sleep. I watch youtube. Answer questions on here. Write a poem, or just write. I play video games. I go outside for a walk or run. I walk to the store.
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Oh, well you knw I typed in this question in the google bar and this was a result..
I'm almost bred all the time.. Well take my advice.... If you feel bred than the best way to cut it up is tht you eat/ watch the telly/ and if you have close friends then call them over to your place.. And have the treat over.... ;)
Hope my idea gives some help.. :D
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 Umm.. Like have fun. Jk lol brb cul8r jk just kidding ok that was fun see? Now you try.
Lol brb jk cul8r r you ok. Here's another thing 2 do let's keep this a secret. Eat cheese in ranch. If you don't have that your on your own. Okay don't listen to me. Jk. Listen to me not me. I like to eat cheese.  Listen to me not her not me plz or else brb. That was so fun by bob. Cul8r. Jk not really brb wait just don't listen to me listen to me not her not me listen to not him (Guest) brb.
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Cook something nice, if you don't know any check some in a cookery book or recipes on the internet. If you are just no way into cooking... Pamper yourself! You could have a nice shower using body scrub and body butter.. You don't need to wash your hair if you can't be bothered. Paint your fingernails and toenails. You don't need to do a plain colour, you can draw flowers using a pin. Also going back to the cooking thing, you could make something disgusting that looks nice then guve it to whoever you want when you see them... No poisoning lol!!x
Well you can try putting some music on and dancing or you can try reading romantic books that's what I do, sweet good luck :))
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Call your Friends and Chat.

Play cards with yourself

Make a schedule for tomorrow.

Watch T.V.

Make a PowerPoint

Answer questions on Blurtit or Yahoo Answers

All I could think of sorry. Hope I helped though :)
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I know this was a year ago, but still, you should try this awesome online game that I can guarantee you'll find fun.  Link is on my profile, under Interests, if you're interested.
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You can play games on the internet, take a walk, hang out with friends, watch a movie, go shopping, eat some snacks, or have a party!
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Start answering questions on here or play online games to keep your mind sharp and ready. Theres always a way to eliminate boredom so use your imagination and theres a whole world out here to explore and God gave you two feet to explore with
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Run naked at home while dancing alone or with your loved ones:) Or you can go streaking outside.
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Chat with your friends.
Listen to your favorite music and dance with it.
Read book or amazing magazins.
Play games.
Download music.
Call your friends and speak with them.
They were all I knew hope I helped GOOD LUCK.
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Cristo Castillo answered
Write a letter to an old friend!
Take a jog! Make brownies or do a cook out
go swimming
sihn up for a kick boxing classsss!!
Re-decorate your home!
Go shopping
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Turn up the music and dance!! ..no? Or you can try cooking! I love cooking! Or be boring and read a book...? Orrr.....okay games on the net...but thts boring too! 8)
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Run through the house naked, turn on some music and dance naked or just masturbate until your heart is content!
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I would recommend thinking of your favourite things to do and then doing them, and if they aren't available to do, then do your next favourite thing. Or surf the internet. And I guess you could go to www.omegle.com where you can chat with people on line. Or you could read a book or fanfiction or go for a walk or do homework (though I wouldn't be caught dead doing homework when bored) or call your friends. Or the simplest thing ever: Watch some television. And if there is nothing on TV, then take a nap. The list is endless, and you could search the internet for some boredom busters too. Who knows, you could find a new hobby! I also recommend www.iambored.com.

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