How can I become less jealous of other girls talking to my boyfriend?


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You know, i know exactly how you feel in that situation. He has probably left you once because of this jealously but just remember that if you love him trust that he alsoo loves you back and that no other girls can stand in the way of your love. Hope this was helpful:)
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Just remember that he choose you out of all the other girls. He picked you, and if he picked you that means he thought you were extra specail and had something the other girls didnt have. Ask him honestly if he has any other feeligns for other people, do what ever it takes to make yourself comfortable. It will make you happier in your relationship
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Just remember he is dating you not them.
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Becca jason
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I guess, but he has left me do I know that it won't happen again? I love him too much for it to happen again.
Breanne Marie
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If he leaves then he isnt the right guy for you and there will be someone better in your future.
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I get the same thing, but just remember that he chose u not the other girl, and if he really liked her in that way he would be with her, and he is not, he is with you :) x
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If you are jealous of those girls, show that you more love your boyfriend. But it is difficult not to envy. So tell you boyfriens you thouhts. Two people together is the need of communication and understanding

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