There is this guy and he keeps looking at me in class what does that mean?


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If a boy is regularly looking at you in class, it may be that the boy likes you. When a boy has a crush on a girl (or vice versa) he is highly likely to look at her in class rather than focusing on his school work. If the boy in question has never spoken to you before, he may be too shy to approach you. It may be a good idea to speak to him yourself (even if you aren't interested in him romantically) simply to break the ice.

  • But I'm sure he doesn't fancy me!

Of course, he may simply be staring at you because he is a daydreamer who doesn't particularly realize who he is looked at. Perhaps you could ask a few friends if they find he stares at them to find this out. He could even be staring at you because he thinks you're staring at him! Whatever the reason behind his staring is, it is well worth establishing a new friendship with him, whether you are interested in more than that or not.

  • How to find out if a boy likes you

Finding out whether or not a boy likes you can be very tricky, as all boys react different to the people they are crushing on. More confident boys may smile, flirt and talk, whilst those with a more reserved attitude may keep their crush to themselves. Some boys, particularly younger ones, may be embarrassed or shy, or even scared of rejection, for which reason they may even deny their crush.

The easiest way in which to find out if a boy likes you is by talking to them regularly. Begin a friendship with them and see if they react differently to you than others. Alternatively, you could ask a mutual friend to ask him for you (although this method may have limited success, particularly if the boy is shy).

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