I Have Trust Issues With Everyone Just From The Way People Have Been In The Past. I Am Trying To Trust My Boyfriend And I Am Sure I Can. But I Get Mad When He Talks To Other Women, What Should I Do?


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I'm the same way but I get mad when he hangs out with this girl b/c of her brother when I know this girl likes him. He says he don't like her and I kind of trust him but believe me no matter how good a guy is if they have done you wrong in the past you might trust them a lot but you will never fully trust them.
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I have that same problem and its really making me more miserable because it stays on my mind, so what I have decided to do is not think about it and stop feeling I have to run after him all the time, I will let him need me and want me instead of being the jealous one all the time.
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He has to earn your trust and it takes the both of you to do this. You and him both have to understand what each other are doing and try to avoid doing this. You guys need to just sit down and talk about what causes the mistrust and explain to each other what you need to do to fix this. After a while the trust will grow and the problem will go away. Trust is not built in one day but can be lost in am instant. A relationship has to be maintained and everyone has to know what their limits are and not do things the other don't like out of respect for the other. IT TAKES TWO THOUGH, and communication.
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I think you should ask him why he feels it is necessary to talk to/comment these girls online. It is not wrong to briefly chat with other people online, but when it turns into an everyday thing, it starts to seem like cheating. Tell him how you feel when he is talking to other girls. In a relationship you have every right to express how you feel, and discuss a middle ground. If he is not doing something wrong, he should be fine with limiting his time on Myspace or chat rooms (wherever he is chatting with girls). If he gets over defensive or tells you he wont stop, it may be time to be concerned..
Good luck!
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Thanks for your responses! Bwtsrl that was a good way of putting it. I just don't know if that would be controlling if I said I don't want you talking to girls or commenting to girls on the internet b/c it bothers me- even if there are no "alterior motives".
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I don't know why I can't trust anyone, nothing in my childhood caused it, so I don't know was it

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