Can I marry someone whom I saw only in videos and he is a very good and famous person. He lives in some other country maybe where i can't go who knows but I like him, can he be mine? He never saw me, never talked to me!! Can we call it a crush?


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Matt Radiance answered

It is not an ideal situation.

It's surely an automatic emotion respond to someone who representing a strong identity, organized life,fame and intelligence through what he's doing. The people who perform their job for the society and carrying a particular fame, usually face such examples! There going to be another hundred people like you who feel such for him. It called crush i assume. Personally, i don't consider it as an appropriate behavior.

100 % is clear that you won't have a place in his life. I'd like to open up the case for you.

1.He's in another country anyway! So a harder chance.

2.You never met him, never spoke to him and never been into his life. You don't know anything about his personal behaviors, how he reacts, his lifestyle, his favorites, his choices, and his preferences. And i am totally sure you can't even carry one second in his fame world. You think it's easy but it's not. It takes alot of aspects to take for someone who make himself famous in a particular topic. It's a different world than a simple society life. Because you're part of society with this differences that you living your life for the society itself. So simply there's nothing mutual in your worlds.

If it's not a fun question! Then you need to wake up and be realistic before you drown into a world which don't exist. However, it might be phase that it'll pass. So enjoy your crushing time!

Good Luck.

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PJ Stein answered

If you have only seen him in videos, how do you know if he is good? You are only seeing a scripted version of him. What you have is a crush and you will out grow it at some point.

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Didge Doo answered

Of course you can. You'll have a sumptuous wedding after which he'll carry you off on his black steed (limousines are so 1990s) and you'll live happily ever after. Don't forget to send me a wedding invitation. I love a good fantasy.

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