What Does An American Marriage Certificate Look Like?


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Marriage certificates vary by location.  Countries may standardize marriage certificates, or simply standardize the information and allow regions of the country to embellish as they see fit.  A marriage certificate will almost always provide the full name of the groom, full name of the bride, place and date of marriage.  A witness’s signature is also very common. 
If you’re looking to recreate a marriage certificate as a romantic gift, templates are available online or you could use a desktop publishing package like Page Plus, Microsoft Publisher or Print Workshop.  Page Plus Starter Edition is free to download online for Microsoft users or try Scribus as another freeware package if you own an Apple Mac.  Desktop publishing packages will allow you to create and embellish your gift as you see fit.  Print your gift on a nice matte paper or heavy card, place in a matching or home made envelope and seal with a gold sticker to add authenticity.
If you’re trying to identify a false marriage certificate, official documents are usually embossed.  They will have a raised seal or perhaps a watermark that identifies the document as authentic.  Most countries include these because, as stated previously, marriage certificates can be printed off the internet so false documentation is rampant.  However, not all countries are so security conscious.
If you’re trying to fake a marriage certificate, I wouldn’t recommend it.  This is considered fraud and if you’re caught you could be heavily fined or sent to prison.
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Some marriage certificate are different in how they look.mine is a short piece of paper with the grooms name and my whole name and the date we gotten married and the Preachers name and the date and the time.it has the witness  name on it and the seal.Black and white not to elegant.But there are different types look on the web and see if you can find examples of a marriage certificate.
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It can look a hundred different ways. It varies from state to state, county to county, town to town. However, if you are wondering if it is valid or not, the majority of them have a raised seal, which is indented into the certificate and it will usually have some ID no# on it.
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Technically speaking, there is no such thing as an American marriage license. This is because the federal government dose not issue marriage licenses. Marriage licenses are issued by the individual states. So you can get a New York marriage license, or a Hawaii marriage license, or a California marriage license, or a marriage license from any other state, but you can not get an American marriage license.

Sense marriage licenses are designed by the states they are issued in, and there are 50 states in the US, there are 50 different designs, depending on the state the license was issued. Some have colors, some have borders and or fancy designs, some are just plain black and white. A marriage license issued in one state can look very different from, or very similar to, a marriage license issued in another state.
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An ordinary piece of paper with MARRIAGE LICENSE written across the top with a border design around it with all names and dates on it

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