How come some girls seem so perfect and get all the guys while others (like me) try to follow all the rules of flirting but still fail miserably? (and yes i even act confident)


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Megan Hi, well just go get him, let him know by body language, using the confidence you speak off, and let your feeling flow....some nice guy will pick it up. Use your confidence and be bold, go straight to it, ask him out, and if he says no, then hey, you tried.... Sometimes boldness and confidence works. GOOD LUCK
Hope Useful.
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Now this isn't necessarily for all guys, but a lot of guys like a woman who's modest about herself. It's not about how much confidence you have. It's about whether they can chase after you. Guys like to chase after girls. Not too much, but just enough. We like to compliment women too. Don't be whiny, but don't be overconfident.

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Hun... Just be yourself and confidence is the best thing and if you really like someone the flirting with just as natural thing.
Good luck, hope this helped

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