I like this guy and we've talked lots so far and my friends say he likes me but he doesn't seem to start conversations at all with me so im usually the one saying hey ?


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Some guys are shy that way in that they won't approach a girl they like. But if this guy's a total extrovert, then it could be that there are so many things preoccupying his mind. Either that or your friends are feeding you false information (whether on purpose or not, I don't know) and he actually doesn't really like you more than friend.

But I know how frustrating it is to have this happen to you. For this one, you'll just have to trust your gut. Does he seem interested when you two are talking? Is he focusing on you when he's with you or does he often think of other things and starts talking about stuff that are completely unrelated to what you said? Just ask questions like that to yourself and answer them by watching how this guy acts. If you are still confused, best thing to do is back off. If you are confused, best bet is that he's confused too, so try to stay your distance and let him sort it out. You can still flirt and talk, but just try not to get all over him. If doesn't end up coming after you, he either is still confused or doesn't like you, meaning it's best that you move on. If he does, then that's great! But you'll have to be the judge of this.

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