Do British People Have Arranged Marriages?


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This is a good question, which could be in the minds of many people from Sub Continent. In Great Britain, people have full liberty to express their views, ideas, desires and wishes. The society is run by a great number of rules and regulations and even there thousands of years old traditions. The people are usually habitual to lead their life according to their rules and regulations and as well as their traditions. They love their past and they are proud of their past achievements. If you go back to their past history, the old British people used to marry according to the traditions, requirements and wishes of their elders. Apart from likings and disliking, the people used to give honour to their customs and traditions.
But today as they have too much so called liberty and freedom to express their views and ideas to their parents and other family members, they don't abide by their past customs and traditions. The young boys and girls have free dating system and they even don't care about the wishes and desires of their parents.
In my opinion today British people have only 10 to 20 percent arrange marriages and the rest 80 to 90 percent are love marriages.
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Studies have shown that many British people do have to have arranged marriages but of course it all comes down to religion.

There are so many different religions within Britain and some people are born Muslims, some are born Christians and others are born to non religious parents. It does depend entirely on how strict the people are in their religion and even if the children are British, if they follow a certain religion an arranged marriage does have to be followed.

Lately the suicide rate has been increasing amongst children who are forced into arranged marriages. These children could be 14 years old and they are being shown pictures of their husband to be. They are expected to get married at 16 and for a lot of British children these days, it is simply too much to bear. However other children are more than happy to follow their religion. So overall, yes British people do still have arranged marriages depending upon their religion.
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The traditional view of marriage in Britain is that it is an open and free arrangement made between two consenting adults.
Arranged marriages in the indigenous population died out along time ago and few poorer people ever had their marriages arranged as arrangements were for political and inheritance purposes in the monied classes.
There are arranged marriages still going on in our society although it isn't the accepted norm here. Certain social and religious groups still uphold arranged marriages which can lead to a lot of heartbreak and unhappiness between the parties. British people should be free to choose their own marriage partners according to our laws but arranged marriages have not died out as yet.
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Well I really don't nw I guess its all 2 do with religion

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