Are Arranged Marriages More Successful Than Love Marriages? If So Then Why?


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My grandparents had an arranged marriage. I asked my grandmother if she ever loved her husband,she said no. So in my opinion, I'd say love marriages are the best way to go.
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Well according to me marriage can only be made successful, if both of the married members are cooperative for each other. If only one is cooperative and other is just imposing her/his ideas then, that marriage will just be an adjustment. Or might be possible it broke.
If we see in general, arrange marriages are more successful then the love marriages. In arrange marriages, parents or elders members of the family are also involved, so if some problem came then they sit together and solve their problem. But almost 60% arrange marriages are successful because one member always scarifies, and spent his/her whole life in scarifies, so marriage goes on and life also.

While love marriages are also very successful, but its percentage is less. Because love marriages are mostly occur in the result of first crush or attraction. And most of the couples think that they are in love, but when they marry and live life with each other, then in most cases they are unbearable for each other, so they leave each other.
As a whole marriage is sort of bond, which can only remain bind together, if both of the members show some flexibility, when some problem came.
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Both can be as successful as each other; it depends on the people involved. In my culture, arranged marriages are common but they are different to forced marriages. These arranged marriages are when the boy and girl meet with no compulsion to
get married and they get to know each other before they decide to marry (it is their choice, not their parents'). Getting to know each other isn't synonymous with cohabiting though. Marriages like this can definitely be successful.
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Love marraiges are more sucessful then arrange marraiges becoz love marraige means the combination of two hearts..nd couple already know the like nd dislikes of life partner...arrange marraige means sacrifice with life..
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It seems that statistics demonstrate the success of arranged marriages over arbitrary "love marriages." The only matter intrigues me actually -- the only real difference between an arranged marriage (which itself varies enormously between cultures and even religions), and "love marriage" (also a very ambiguous term), is this:    Arranged marriage: A male and a female are intentionally brought together for the purpose of marriage. Depending on the type of arranged marriage, they get to know each other to a reasonable extent.    Keep in mind, western culture has highly influenced the way most think in the west (obviously). However, not all of its premises are correct. One for example being the very negative view towards arranged marriages. What's encouraged indirectly through mass participation, is jumping into relationships on the basis of chemical reactions in our body we interpret as love.    When in reality, it's our natural instincts telling us to mate ultimately. Such is the case, and such cases are devoid of any stability. Thus, so often you have cases where relationships are constantly broken because their are no elders or wise ones to help facilitate the relationship for the purpose of marriage.    Instead, you have people entering relationships devoid of stability (i.e. Western dating [as its predominately practiced there and rooted in that culture]), for either:    1) to experience or actualize their bodies natural desires by experiencing love  2) promiscuity    If "1)" is the case, then naturally the attitude would be towards commitment, not entering and leaving relationships as if its all a game (which is a very damaging mindset as it ultimately undermines the base of society - the family system).    If "2)" is the case, there are a heap of philosophical, moral, and scientific arguments against such a hedonistic way of life, which is ultimately rooted in selfishness (too feed thyself sexually without consideration of all the important things that are supposed to be ingrained into relationships).    A "love" marriage: Two people arbitrarily meeting due to some other ARRANGEMENT (school/university, work, social gathering etc.), and thus, the arrangement does not embody the intention of introducing them. Or, a theist may argue "God arranges all marriages - either through means such as family in the form of arranged marriages, or through events and occasions..."    Keep in mind, the western world has the highest divorce rates - they're literally off the chart now. The entire family system is breaking down, and this goes for the moral values (which are very subjective and constantly change as a result). Some argue that the rates of divorce aren't nearly as high in countries where arranged marriages are practiced because woman have no rights or divorce is discouraged.    This may be true in some areas, but not in all areas (no evidence can support this).    Two counter arguments:  1) Divorce is discouraged for good reasons - relationships are seen as sacred. Which is also why promiscuous behaviour is forbidden. This simply means that some relationships experience problems (as many do), but the false assumption is that such couples are forced to go on being married to each other in negativity.    This is false, as in many cases families help the spouses work their problems out, and they do end up genuinely loving each other. Its their whole ideology that stops them from divorcing, and one important concept that's apart of that ideology is the sanctity or wholesome relationships - this includes working your relationship problems out.    2) Many of those same cultures protect their women very much. If a family figures out that their daughter is being mentally or physically abused or is unpleased by her husband, they will not simply sit around. In Bangladeshi culture for instance, women are traditionally very much protected by male family figures (ex. Fathers, brothers, uncles).
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Relations between human beings strengthen due to many factors like love, sincerity, devotion and fairness to each other. All these factors are required for true and strong relations. Now we come towards your question that love marriages are more successful or arrange marriages it can be explained in the following manner.

Love marriages are those, which are performed with the will of both men and women only while arranged marriages are those, which are performed with the will of men and women as well as their elders. It is not always necessary that elders choose the right girl for the boy and right boy for the girl. It is again not necessary that in love marriages both boy and girl choose the right partner. Marriage is not an act for few moments; it is an act, which is to perform for the whole life. In my opinion marriage should be performed with the consent of elders because they have an experience of whole life and they can choose or they will try to choose the best boy or girl for their children. So I can say arrange marriages are more successful than love marriages.
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No, arranged marriages are not more successful than love marriages because a boy has not seen the girl before so how can they even get together. How can they share a bed? You don't have an idea of what she has for you in her heart. You might not like the girl because she may think differently. She may like something that you don't like which always brings separation to the family. I believe in love. It is an obsession. It is more successful than arrange marriages. You know your partner. You know what she likes and what she does not like. You love each other and respect each other. When your thoughts are the same then there is no way of separation. A REAL LOVE IS A MOMENT THAT LASTS FOREVER!!!
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You only live ONCE, live with LOVE

Or u will have the worst life like ever. Period.

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I believe that love marriages are much better because you truly love and know that person and you know, even if you get divorced, that you got together because you felt something for each other, something that cannot be replicated or forced, that feeling of mutual connection is what millions of people in this world strive to get, crave to have and try to keep. In arranged marriages there is that small chance that you will find that one person that you are meant for, but in most situations, you will never have feelings for each other, you will be married but not connected, not happy, and most of all not loved. So loved marriages are better because even if you get divorced you will have no regrets, because you got married because you felt something unmistakeable for each other, that thing is called love.

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In arranged marriages, love happens after marriage. But in love marriage, love happens before. So after marriage, the guy and gal become bored of each other. But in arrange marriaged, it does not happen.
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I believe that in arrange marriages if the both partners are unattached with any body in her/his past then it would be a great, but if one of them attached in her/his married life before arrange marriage then it should be a flope marriage this is on the bases of physcho because some affairs broke up because of families one of the family didnt agree about the love marriage on the bases of establishement or on the bases of some other reasons so the person(s) having some feeling don't arrest with each O
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Well, to answer such question we should be very much practical what we need in our life, what exactly we are looking for, this is certainly not necessary that parents choose the right partner for their kids and it goes same for choosing partners self. No wonder in arrange marriages there are always blessings and support is there from parents/guardians, but still If one opt for love marriage and share it with parents,If considered,their decision on priority,than things would be different.

Its not necessary that only love marriages fail,In most of the Indian Arrange Marriages,partners are not ready to fulfill the other ones needs as well as other one don't want to understand it. Arrange marriages are higher in ratio for divorce cases, may be its because of not committing their relationship to each other, or some domestic or violent one can't guarantee for successful marriage but yes Successful marriages depends on things like transparency in relationship, how much you can hold each other when other one is down, or how long you feel you are committed to your relation. If partners have love in eyes, open views in living, courage to share every If's and but's, and confidence to LIVE with each other for rest of LIFE..
Then any of the marriages are successful..whether Love Marriage or Arrange Marriage..

THATS my personal experience...I have opted LOVE MARRIAGE...and its wonderful feeling to have someone in your life whom you loved and always wanted to be your LIFE PARTNER..

Mrs.Shalu Rohan Varadkar
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Some arranged marriages can be happy ones and many love marriages can be very happy.
It very much depends on the circumstances and the individuals involved. Some arranged marriages are very unhappy from the start because either one or both partners are opposed to the arrangements and partners chosen for them. No-one wants to be forced to stay with a marriage partner they didn't want or can't grow to love. Love sometimes happens after marriage in these circumstances but sometimes the partners never grow to love each other and can end up resenting each other and being very unhappy.
Love marriages can last a lifetime but conversely love can fade and these marriages can falter.
As in any marriage boredom can set in whether the marriage is a love match or an arranged affair.
in British culture we believe that the individual should be free to marry the partner of their choice but there's never a hundred percent guarantee that any marriage will work or last that's up to the individuals involved and how married life progresses over the years.
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LOVE means not attraction it means two hearts meets and they want to live together  but in love both two hearts co-operate each other on some things.   Before marriage they must sit together and talk on some main topics like family background or family environment or about their likes or dislikes. And also involve the parents in love marriage.. AFTER  all these things I think you know better that you can live with your partner or not?/

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