What Do You Think About Love Marriages?


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Whenever we look at the word love and marriage both words looks almost same. But the only difference is that love is just like a dream and marriage is reality. When a dream and reality comes together, the world turns into heaven. What do you think that what is love? Love is the emotion that suddenly develops in our heart. When we fall in love, then we start looking world in a different aspect. Everything starts looking beautiful to us. We enjoy the company of our loved once and want to spend all of our time with him or her. Any long term relation can only be successful when you are putting your best efforts. So when we decide to spend our whole life together then the actual love starts.

Marriage is the name of understanding your life partner. Love marriage will turn into best relation when commitment and care is shown form both the partners. If you life partner is your first love then you are the luckiest person in the whole world. Love is the feeling which you can experience when you get married. A happy marriage life demand care, commitment love, care, time and trust. Love is wonderful experiences which fill your heart with happiness and make you the feel proud about your loved once. The concept of love becomes more beautiful when you spend the whole life with your loved once.
YATHI RAJU answered

Until and unless you have the support if either parents the love marriages may not b success.

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