Why Asian Parents Are So Overprotective?


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Our parents have traditions and believe what is best for us.They want us to succeed in life. The choices and actions that we make are always decided by our parents. They need to understand that they need to let go and that we are not little anymore.
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In eastern countries, due to various reasons like history, society and thier inherent traditions, children are brought up under pretty strict guidelines. Which is not so in Western countries, here children are allowed to explore the world on their own

For Asian parents living abroad, the cultural difference between eastern & western countries seems too big.
But for their kids who are brought up in the western culture and sometimes even born in it, there is no such difference.
Parents find it hard to realise and accept that their kids are not familiar with their own cultures and keep attempting to instill the traditions in them.
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My parents are asians. I believe for a fact that western views are morally correct over eastern views. We are a race that eats dogs and cats. What makes you think we know how to raise our kids???
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Because they grew up in a strict household, therefore they pass it to the next generation but it is up to you to listen to your parents or not. If you are a wild child, they can not stop you.

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