My Parents Are Poor And Overprotective So I'm Stuck At Home And Life Sucks, I'm Bored, What Can I Do?


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Dear Anonymous,
  It sounds like your in your teens,  We can't control the deck of cards we get in life. Some get a great hand and let their lives go to hell. Others get a bad hand and really make something of it. It is up to you. As for no money to do things that is a problem I can relate to. 
    My first home was an old broken down school bus and yes I know poor. I also know of a far worse home life than you have. Overprotective is suffocating but at least they love you. They know how rough life is an they think they are protecting you but in a few years they won't be able to do anything about it.  So lets break this into two sections.
    One what to do when your bored. To get a better answer it is best you explain as much as you can. Do you like to be active or are your more reserved ect.  Some of my most successful friends used music to get through the tough years.  What do I mean. I mean they wrote music. The words.  They self taught themselves to read and write music. I myself was very angry and used it to get my anger out physically by running. It cost only a pair of sneakers. The same I had to wear to school and no they were not name brand but it was all I could afford. With that I branched out. I went from being fat to fit from running in circles to doing fundraisers for cancer/aids and scholarships for other poor kids like me.  Try to get involved with the school.  Even if it is geeky your time in high school will go far quicker. Your mom and pops might be more approving of you doing things if it is school related or related to community support.  (you can get sponsorships for that and get to experiance more I did) If they start to say something let them know, "hey I am trying to do something constructive with my life." I don't want to end up drinking and doing drugs but I don't want to sit around wasting my life away either. I am trying to help you see through an adults eyes abit. If they don't support that get into somet that is more free like writing stories, reading books ect. It may seem boring but if you just write just vent and be pissed in your words, then other thoughts might come from it. You might create a whole other world you would rather be at.  Learn to make a web page, start a blog.  If not see if you can get into sports, some schools have school gear to help kids with no money so they can participate. 
    The other is your internal self.  I have been in a place with no electric/water/contact with family but were with amazing peeps we got eachother through the times. Then other places with great conditions and was completly miserable. You have to find a situation and turn it around first from with-in.  One I can choose to be mad that this sucks or two find a way to not make it suck so bad. Attitude is infectious. If you are positive in your situations over time only good comes from it not matter how small. If you are negative it only breeds more of it. Consider this one of the first great challenges in your life and overcome it. Win! Use your mind and body and spirit to know that this is just a flash in your life and that success can breed from the worst and most sheltered of starts in life! Good luck!
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Think you got it bad? My parents where poor too. After listening to 5 kids whine about how bad we had it, he made a new rule. As soon as we turned 14 we had to get a part time job AND PAY $20.00 a week board. This way we had as much money to spend as we where willing to work. (Also 5 kids meant an extra hundred bucks a week going towards family things, like vacations.) Not one of us ever made a comment about being poor again.
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Like the others said, you sound like a teen. & I get having over protective parents. It sucks. Hopefully it will wear off as you get older. Who knows, one can only hope. Anywayz, to cure your boredom, if you like to talk to random people go to:

lots of random people & I'll admit you get to occasional pervert but other than that its pretty cool to talk to different people from around the world.. Hope I helped. =)
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Well at least you could have some fun. There are ways to have fun: you can blast the radio (when your parents aren't home is what I meant.) and invite friends over with their permission. Make fun out of your situation man lol!
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Well by reading your question you sound like you're a teenager and yeah life as a teen can suck when you do have overprotective parents so I say make the best out of your time at home - do something stupid like...blast the radio, invite a few of your friends over and get completely retarded. Just don't get into to much trouble. Let your parents know that you are a responsible person and that you just want to have just a little fun. And not the fun they think you want to have like smoking pot and etc. Basically tell them you're different and you're a good kid.
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Errrr perhaps blasting and acting daft won't convince the parents at all, it could end up with grounding altoghther!!
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Hey, you have parents, look on the bright side, think of all the aids orphans in Africa, India, Russia and other countries, forced to fend for themselves, and in many cases their younger brothers and sisters too. Scratching and begging for enough food and a place to sleep, occupies their waking hours, while they mourn for their dead parents. That's when life really sucks, but they can't complain, there is no one to listen.
They would be happy to have their parents on their cases,or just alive.

So, you have parents trying to protect you, they must love you then, they are poor you say, well the majority of the world's population are poor, so you are not alone. Try to see things from their perspective, I'm sure they are trying hard to provide. You will be independent soon enough and can make your own rules.

Talk to someone about how you feel, maybe a school counsellor, that could help. Do you have any friends in a similar situation? Talking to them could help you.
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Wow define poor. I havent gotten a Christmas present in my life. I only got 1 birthday present.
My mom always "borrows" my money and my dad always makes up other reasons on why I don't get things like other kids: I'm too bad, I'm too bad in school, ect. Just saying I'm a stereotypical nerd without the braces or glasses and dumb clothes. 4 A+'s and 3 A's. Just listening to my friends about Christmas and birthdays makes me want to kill myself. I ran away from home like 2 times and brought by the police and I ask myself why I go to church if this "God" favors other kids that are dumber and have worse behavior than me with materialistic things. I always get picked on for being short and waaaaaaaaaaaaaaay small (not dwarfism) for my age, so I already have enough problems. If you want to help, suggest serious ways in which I can kill myself with.

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