how do i ask a guy out in fourth grade with out making it weird, and how do i get him alone with out his friends surrounding him?


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Jackson Hurley answered

I know how you feel. I am in 8th grade and when I asked a girl out I had to pull her away from her group of friends, which was the most nerve wracking part. Normally, a guy will ask a girl out but if you are fully confidant, go for it! Just get over your fear and pull him away from his friends. If he really likes you, he should agree quickly and not are what his friends think. Make sure to be confidant and straight forward when you ask him. When you finish asking him and he says yes and you are happy, give him a hug if you want. I did this when I asked a girl out and she liked it. If you don't want to show that affection it is ok, just and idea.

Good luck, and hope I helped!!

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Mya Laylapiwa answered

Just get him when he is away from his friends. I had the same problem when I was in 3rd grade a year ago. Tell him how you feel. Mine was awkward I said stuff like: I dont know why people think we like each other.

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