I have this friend let's call her S who was back in my first high school. I'm now in my 2nd high school. I felt like she used me a lot and when I gave her advice she never took it?


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Rooster Cogburn , Rooster Cogburn, answered

Doesn't sound like it's worth the effort to me. From what you've said, she doesn't sound much like a friend to begin with. I think it would be best to let that one go and find real friends. That one sure isn't any kind of real friend.

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S sent a dm on Instagram asking why I unfollowed her and she was like at least ur sister still follows me. S was asking me if we're still friends and I said no. I asked why she never tried to contact me like all my other friends do and S said I'm always busy and doing homework & studying. I know that's not the truth. Tbh she was very annoying back in my first high school. Should I still be friends with her?

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