I am a soon-to-be-bride, yes! I am finally going to take the leap. I have been dating this guy for a couple of years. I want to make my first night and my honeymoon really special and memorable.I need to add something more, any suggestions?


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Suresh Gopal answered

You said you were dating this guy, so I am not
sure if this is your first experience. Do remember to carry some lubricants
with you, you can order them online and receive it
in complete secrecy. There are lubricants available for both men and women,
this should help you both have enhanced and prolonged pleasurable experience.
You will of course be using beauty care products I am sure like aromatherapy,
fragrances and perfumes and body care. 

Remember to include some stress relief
products in this list especially those containing Cinnamon, the best stress
reliever. The last thing you want to have is a breakdown due to stress. 

thing I would suggest is indulging in some role play like the role play costumes available online... Frankly you are
limited by your own imagination, so let your imagination run really, really

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