Where Can I Find Some Phone Numbers Of Gay Guys To Text?


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Unfortunately that information is not readily available. There are a few suggestions we can offer you for a way to get phone numbers of individuals to text.

* I would suggest if you are interested in meeting a new individual for friendship in which texting is a part of your relationship, you should use online sites where you can meet new people.
* Forums provide a way to meet new people.
* Facebook
* Dating sites can also provide you with what you seek.
* It is best to know who you are texting, so that you can establish a good relationship.
* Many forums exist so that you can feel secure in your conversations with other individuals. On a forum you may find there are people willing to share their numbers so that you can text.
* Under privacy laws there is nowhere that you can find unshared information. In other words, a person has a right to their privacy even though a phone number may be listed in a phone registry such as a phone book.

If you are looking for phone numbers in order to play pranks, this is definitely not the place to try and find your answer. Texting and a person's sexual proclivities are theirs alone. No one deserves to be texted for any reason without their consent. The government in the US and UK including much of Europe is very strict about privacy laws. They do not allow information to be sold or that information to be used to harm another person.

For those who have a legitimate reason for finding friends to text the above suggestions should help you in that regard as a means to find people you can enjoy being with.
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