Where and How can I find a worthy and right guy in real life and not online dating?


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Lilly Gray Profile
Lilly Gray answered

Get out into the world and have a go at new things that (maybe?) scare you. Travel, and don't be afraid to give new (safe) things a go. Put yourself out there, and get outside your comfort zone!! Good luck!! X

Darik Majoren Profile
Darik Majoren answered

Hold a contest. Call in the best and brightest Knights from across the land, to do battle for your Favor . . . .

The problem is not always THEM being worthy . . . Right?

If your going to gamble on people being forthright and honest in their online description of themselves, you will have to deal with disappointment . . . Just remember, so will they.

Miley Johnson Profile
Miley Johnson answered

I think you should go for a sugar daddy :) I know that people sometimes don't approve such a type of relationships, but I don't think that they are bad, honestly. I would like to recommend you to try Secret Benefits dating service for this purpose. You will surely like it

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