How do you prove to someone that you love them? (when they really don't really trust anyone as a result of having been crushed by an ex-boyfriend)


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The only thing I think you can do is be there for him as a friend and slowly start showing him you care more for him.  It is hard but if he is worth it nothing is to much....

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*her, and (ruining the anonymity but...)
She's actually been my best friend for quite some time, and we both really like each other (/love, as she has said that herself many times) the problem is that she doesn't believe me when I tell her that...
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also...i'm not sure where that name came from but, I am, in fact, a guy... -_-
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Hehe well I was the same way a guy broke my heart really bad and I didnt trust anymore also no one could get past my walls. My best guy friend told me he loved me and I laughed and said you 2 but I didn't know he meant it and he was there for me each day sometimes just doing something spesial to make me smile and that is how he got me to trust again.
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yes .. This is a complicated situation I see you are in , you know people have memories , emotional scars ,physical scars  and there are many people that take some time to open up to you , they have usually had something bad sad happen to them in order to make them not trust anyone , maybe a failed past relationship , betrayal etc. It must be frustrating sometimes when they don't seem to trust you at all , or they seem to hiding things from you , but really your love for them means sticking it with her , not doing something bad that will make her not trust you even more , be patient and loving and caring , and show her you care for her and that you aren't going to hurt her , don't ask her already what has happened in that relationship , because really who wants to revive some bad horrible experience they have had , so even though It may take a lot of time , to get her to slowly come out and tell you things that she can't talk about be caring be accepting don't blame her for it , comfort her be there for her , because that will really show that you love her .

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