How do you earn back your boyfriends trust if you cheated on him?


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Amanda Layne answered

You can't fully. He will always doubt you. I know because a guy cheated on me and, no matter what he said about how it would never happen again, it was always in my mind when I hadn't heard from him or when another girl looked like she was close or all jokes with him.

But you can try and move on. The only thing that will do that is time, and good times. When you start to get back into things and start having fun like old times, then it goes to the back of your mind more.

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He will never fully be able to trust you again. He is always going to doubt you when you two are not together, and if he is still willing to be with you count yourself lucky, and you have to deal with the consequence of him not trusting you.

My advice if you felt the need to cheat you do not care that much for your boyfriend. Next time have the decency to just end the relationship. Cheating is never okay. 

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