My Fiance Is So Mean To Me. It's Not My Fault, I Have A Good Heart She Can't Handle That I Can Handle Her Moods And Deal With It And Never Leave Her Side In Hard Times, But She Left Me In The Dust. What Should I Do?


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As the saying goes, "Drop that zero, and get you a hero!" If she isn't going to be understanding of you, but expects you to be for her, then you aren't suited for each other.
I have a big heart, and the patience of an elephant. This is my downfall, because no matter how much I love, am patient, and willing to change, it won't work, because HE isn't willing to do the same thing to make things work.
I'm in too deep, and can't just walk away, but you are young enough that you can get out of a relationship that is going to hinder the greatness in you as a person, parent, and guide for your children.
It sounds like she might not really want to be in a relationship right now, and this is her way of getting out. Find someone else, you'll be happier that way. Good luck.
Never  ever  have  any  contact  ,  tell  her  your  moving  on  and  if  she    says  why?  Tell  her  to  take  on  a  new  attitude ,  I  am manic  depressive  But  I  am  a  guy  with  the  most  lovable personality  ,  Yes ,  I  have  a  crush  on  my  caseworker  and  she has  a    finance  that  treats  her  like  a  dog  ,  we  have  been  through  a lot  together  but  she  won't  leave  him .And    I  am  upset  , cause  I  truly  am  in  Love  with  her ,  I know  there    is  no  hope ..
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You got to stop being to nice because shes taking advantage. She has you in control set your foot down be a little mean and see what she does. Put her in her place see how she likes it. I know its not right to get even but she will realize your not playing any games.
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I can't tell you what to do, no one can except yourself. But my advice is at least drop the word "fiance".....if you still love her and you know she loves you then atl east just put off the wedding. It doesn't sound like either of you are ready to get married, take it from me, I'm in my 2nd marriage. You don't want to have to worry about a messy divorce. Just because you two have some issues to work on doesn't mean you have to completely be rid her from your life if you are not ready to do that. Just take things slower and sit down and have a serious talk with her. Best wishes to you both.

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