My roommates are using me and lying to me because I'm into lolicon (Google it if you don't know what it means). How do I deal with it? Should I just move out?


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Really being a lolicon isn't terribly important in context. (I'm a total otaku sadly I didn't have to look up the word, I completely wakarimasu)

The important part is that your friends/roommates are lying and screwing with you over a passion or interest. You need to clearly lay down your expectations of their behavior and the types of activities/action that are intolerable. Its also good to clarify the amount of teasing you are comfortable with (if any).

Unfortunately if you are all bound by lease, you may be stuck together. If this isn't the case, and behavior continues then you should find a new place (or replace your roommates).

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we are not bound by a lease, but i talked with them today and it seems only one of them is lying to me, my other roommate is his boyfriend. i am the one paying most of the rent so i will leverage that to get some answers. thanks for the reaffirmation.
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I've lived with lots of roommates and have employees who work for me and children who rule my schedule. Everything comes down to making your expectations clear, including things you with tolerate and things you with not. People work and communicate better when they clearly understand the boundaries and perspectives of the people they interact with.

I wish you good luck.
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Anonymous , hmm....nothing is wrong with your need to google some sence and grow up!, answered

hmm....nothing is wrong with your need to google some sence and grow up!

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