When You Get A Marriage License, Does It Mean You Are Legally Married?


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A marriage license it just something you have to get in order to get married legally W/O it, you would not be legally married. You would go to the courts pay a licensing fee, both you and your spouse would have to sign the license, the day of your wedding, the pastor, clergy man, or judge depending on who you are married by would them sign the license....after you are married, you would take your license in to the courts file it and then.....you're certificate would either be handed to you or mailed to you. I hope this helps.
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It needs to be signed by a authorized Minister, Judge or Official licensed to marry people and also by the two people getting married and by their two witnesses.
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It takes someone who is authorised to get you the marriage certificate i.e local judge or a lawyer or a registar. You get a certificate of marriage which is legal and is accepted anywhere. But it needs witness from both your end and your would'be's end.  
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What happens if you get the License and get married by a pastor and then loose your licence and other papers  are you legally married????

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