Which is Harder: Telling Someone You Love Them or Telling Them You Don’t?


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Telling them that you don't can be hard for someone with good morals. At least with me, it's difficult and stressful in a situation where the only conclusion is hurting someones feelings.

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Hmm, not a problem I recognise. Can you elaborate?

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I think it all depends on each person's individual situation. Some people have been so hurt and disheartened that they have a very difficult time giving in to trusting someone enough to tell them that they love them.

Others who do love but are not IN love often have a hard time breaking it off because they don't want to hurt that person. In reality they are just going to hurt them more.

For me it was harder for me to tell someone I loved them, because someone hurt so badly by leading me on because they were afraid to tell me they didn't love me,

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Telling someone you love them. 

Trust me, how would you feel when you are sitting in one corner of the last seat of the bus , and your crush is sitting at the other corner, the seat is empty and this happens everyday, you just see him and balloons and butterflies are inside your heart when outside its all normal. Oh my god! 

If I had that Doraemon watch by which I could pause the time , and everything in the world then I definitely pause everything and just go give him a  big hug. Wow! Believe me, telling someone you love them is way harder! I could never do it with any of my crushes! Ah!

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