Should I stay in my marriage if I have a great husband and we have a great home and both have good careers, however I don't feel the chemistry in our marriage anymore and I'm not as happy as I use to be?


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Seek marriage counseling for both of you before just jump out of a relationship

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I agree with both of the other answers. This is a big decision so don't just think 'okay, this isn't working, I'm outta here' at the first sign of trouble. You should think this through. I think that counselling might help you to either fix the problems, or it will prove that the relationship won't work and only then should you leave.

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Questions like this are rarely ever a yes or no question, I'm guessing there are quite a few factors and considerations that will affect your decision.

The only useful thing I can think of saying is that many people struggle with their relationships after a few years. Just watch out, because nothing is ever "exciting" for ever. That doesn't mean you have to put up with something you're unhappy with, just don't expect the "perfect" relationship to be waiting round the corner... It many ways, it doesn't exist, you and your partner can only strive to "create it" over time.

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