Am ugly I generally need someone to answer this I don't know how this site works but I'm sure there's a way someone can comment on this and I can DM a picture of me to them. I'm male 16?


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Angela Anthony answered

Hi Benny! Welcome to Blurtit! We're glad to have you! You can private message anyone who you follow and who follows you back....with the exception of myself, Rooster, and DS Narfolk we are the admins here and you can message us any time....just click your avatar and then message. You can also post a picture in an answer by clicking the picture button on the bar in the answer box. Hope this helps!

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Jaimie JT answered

I think I've given you some good advice on this subject should listen to me or I'll get angry .... You won't like me when I'm angry ;p

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Didge Doo answered

If that's you in your profile pic, Benny, then you're not ugly. And I should know. After all, the picture below is my profile pic from another site and I don't think I'm ugly, either. Do you?

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